directed by: Koyama Seijiro
story by: Shindo Kaneto

True story of Hachiko, who was loyal to its master even after his death.
Forbidden Love Melody (2009) 
directed by: Matsuoka Joji
story by: Koyama Kundo

Based on the work ‘A Dog of Flanders’ and the film ‘Small Love Melody’. Film tells a story of two children, a boy Sota and a girl Sayo, 
their friendship, though they’re from different social position. They found together an akita puppy and named it Chiba.
HACHIKO: a dog’s story (2009)
directed by: Lasse Hallstrom
story by: Shindo Kaneto, Stephen P. Lindsey
music by: Jan A. P. Kaczmarek

American remake of the japanese movie from 1987. Richard Gere played a role of the owner of Hachiko.
WASAO (2011)
directed by: Nishikori Yoshinari
story by: Kobayashi Hirotoshi

Based on true story. Wasao is a long coated akita wandering throughout Japan to find its owner. 
What’s most interesting is that the real Wasao plays the role of the wandering dog. 
More about Wasao: ‘long coated akita’.akita_dlugowlosa.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
„The Dog protecting stars”
directed by: Takimoto Tomoyuki
story by: Murakami Takashi, Hashimoto Hiroshi

Based on the manga by Murakami Takashi. Story about amazing journey of the man and the dog. 
Story of the life of the faithful dog Happy and his owner Nishida Toshiyuki. 
First half is told from the dog’s point of view, the second continues caseworker Okutsu Kyousuke.

The Story of Hachi and Palma (2021)

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