You should know that such dynamic in action dog is not for everyone.

The owner has to rule with an iron and delicate hand at the same time, be confident and logic in treatment and also more stubborn than akita is; sometimes react as fast and uncompromisingly as akita does. 

It should be remembered that akitas feel and read perfectly human intentions, they can decode the falsehood. Akita won’t understand a joke of someone unfamiliar, especially kids. 

You have to be aware of akita's capabilities, which are imprinted in its instincts. This dog is extremely agile and tough in a fight. Therefore you have to take care of its upbringing and never let it show its power. Akita is a „one action” dog, apparently lazy with moderate temperament but when there’s a need
 in a moment can become unbelievably agile and fast so everyone around is amazed.

Akita will use any occassion to hunt, you have to remember that and avoid dangerous
 situations for wild or domestic animals.

Akita is able to dominate much bigger intruder who comes into its territory or disturbs peace of its family.

Even though Akita might look sometimes like a phlegmatic teddy bear, it should be remembered - 
Akita never loses its primary wildness and ability to react fast and unexpectedly.
text: Jolanata Talaga  
translation: Zuzanna Chade
(All rights reserved)
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