136th Hombuten in Odate, Japan (2017)
First time in the ring of Hombuten as participant and hanlder presenting our new male imports: brindle SHINGEN GO Ootani Kensha and red KINTAROU GO Zaou Hirama.
139th Hombuten in Kani, Japan (2018)

First time in the ring of Akiho Honbuten presenting my own bred dogs: white YUMEJO GO Fuen No Oka and brindle RASHOMON GO Fuen No Oka. They did extremely well: RASHOMON GO won Tokuyuu title in a strong and most prestigious class of Seiken A. And Yumiru won Yuushuu 6th place in the biggest class of 25 beautiful Junior females
140th Hombuten in Odate, Japan (2019)

RASHOMON GO Fuen No Oka repeated his success and won Tokuyuu title on 140th Honbuten Show.
141th Hombuten in Saitama, Japan (2019)

YEMON GO Fuen No Oka winning Tokuyuu title 
in biggest - Seiken B class on 141th Honbuten.
We’re very proud of our dogs and their achievements. So far we collected with owned and bred dogs such titles as: 
12 x Interchampions, 8 x Tokuyuu Winners, World Winner, World Junior Winner, World Junior V-ce Winner, 2 x European Junior Winners, 4 x World & European Puppy Winners, 5 x Hozonkai Champions, 6 x Akita Cup Winners, Multiple Club Winners and Champions of different countries: Austria, Australia, Belarus, Brasil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine.

FUEN NO  OKA kennel is Best Akita Kennel in Poland in recent years: 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019
and was Best Akita Kennel on European Dog Show 2019, res. Best Akita Kennel on World Dog Show 2018.
    I was growing up among dogs. First Akita joined our family in 1996; since then I was more and more fascinated with the breed and finally the fascination turned into active hobby. I’ve learnt ‘the craft’ from my mom; I’ve learnt not only how to bring up puppies or how to prepare them for dog shows, but most of all I learnt how to understand the nature, to understand body language and everything that allows me to communicate and understand well with my pupils. 

    Fascinated by primitive, wolfish character of Akita, by his pride and loyalty, I became interested in Japanese culture as well. That's how I started to learn Japanese language. And today my passions go together - I'm graduate of Japanese philology and I have my own breeding of beloved akitas...

    Our kennel is registered in Polish Kennel Club under FCI since 2008 and in AKIHO (Akita Inu Hozonkai) in Japan since 2014. We imported our first dogs from Japan in 2014 and since then we were consequently looking for best additions to our breeding minding not only diversity of pedigrees but also health and character. 
    We’ve been also participating in Honbuten Shows in Japan regularly since 2014 and starting from 2017 we also show our dogs in the ring of Honbuten. We handled our males: brindle SHINGEN GO Ootani Kensha (son of two Meiyosho Winners) and red KINTAROU GO Zaou Hirama on 136th Honbuten in Odate. Next year, on 139th Honbuten in Kani, for the first time we presented our own breeding dogs: brindle RASHOMON GO Fuen No Oka and white YUMIRU GO Fuen No Oka (she stayed in Japan and lives in Ryuukaen kennel in Hokkaido). They did extremely well: RASHOMON GO won Tokuyuu title in a strong and most prestigious class of Seiken A. And Yumiru won Yuushuu 6th place in the biggest class of 25 beautiful Junior females, all born in Japan. These are first Akitas born in Poland and this part of Europe to go to Japan and compete on the most important and biggest Akita show there and also achieved such excellent results. 
    In 2019 we had pleasure to show also YEMON GO Fuen No Oka and also RASHOMON GO again on both spring and autumn Honbutens (140th Honbuten in Odate and 141th Honbuten in Saitama). They both won Tokuyuu titles in Seiken B and Seiken A classes. 
130th Akiho Honbuten, Odate May 2014
Akita inu Hozonkai (AKIHO) office in Odate city
Inside the office. 
Hana popular as awlays :)
Odate train station
In Akiho office, Odate
In Akita museum,
Hana with Hachiko :)
JAPAN June/July 2014 
Tym razem ruszylismy do Osaki na spotkanie z panem Nakagawą. 
Poprzednim razem Hana zwiedzała Japonię na „czterech łapach”, 
tym razem już dumnie kroczyła na dwóch nóżkach :) 
This time we went to Osaka to meet Mr Nakagawa. Last time Hana was four-legged, this time she was proud to present herself walking on two legs :)
JAPAN December 2014
Akiho 131th Honbuten, Ooarai
In Shirai kennel
On the way to 131th Honbuten with Mr Kubogochi
With female MEIYOSHO Winner 2014
With Japanese television. Being interviewed for NHK

With Akiho judge Mr Ego on the left and Akiho President Mr Endo on the right. During 135th Hombuten in Tokyo (2016)

Our first trips to Japan
2012 - 2014
Japan, May 2014
Japan, July 2012

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Mr Shirai with visit to Fuen No Oka