Longcoated Akita has longer and little different type of coat than standard one. This feature is carried with a recessive gene and when both parents have these genes, there will be not only standard but also longcoated puppies in the litter. Though it’s a disqualifying fault according to the standard of the breed which states that such akita cannot be shown, 
nevertheless there are lots of sympathizers of long coated akitas.
Long coated akita is highly valued for its character and prized as a wonderful companion dog. Many akita lovers point out that long coated akitas have calmer temperaments and they’re easier to train. That’s why such akita is an excellent choice for people that are not interested in dog showing and have no experience in upbringing of dog.
Long coated akitas are very popular in Japan. 
Different parades, meetings and „shows” are organized with Longcoat Akitas and there are as many websites and blogs about long coated akitas as about standard dogs.
One of the causes of the rising popularity of long coated akita in Japan surely is Wasao - white long coated akita male that played itself in a movie telling a real story about dog wandering throughout Japan to find its owner.
Wasao is known also as ‘Busakawa’ which is a connection of two words: ‘busaku’ and ‘kawaii’, because Wasao is ‘busaku da kedo kawaii’ which means ‘ugly but cute’ :). That’s how he was described in a blog that was beginning of Wasao’s popularity. 
Wasao was also appointed as special World Heritage envoy by UNESCO and will promote ‘the connection between people and nature, as well as the importance of life’.
Wasao also appeared in JR (Japanese Railways) commercial.
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